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The River Food Pantry

In a move that marks a significant milestone in South Central Wisconsin’s ongoing effort to combat hunger, the River Food Pantry has announced an ambitious plan. The nonprofit is set to build a sprawling 25,000 square foot facility that will be much more than just a food pantry. In a strategic collaboration with one of South Central Wisconsin’s premier design and construction companies, Advanced Building Corporation (ABC), this new facility will enable the food pantry to serve a broader section of the community, providing much-needed resources to those in need.

A Timely Partnership for Service Expansion

This collaboration with ABC couldn’t have come at a more crucial time. Food insecurity remains a pressing issue, and the pantry is committed to extending its reach to more households than ever before. This new, state-of-the-art facility will not only increase food storage and distribution capabilities but will also offer additional services that will make it a full-fledged community hub. The choice to collaborate with ABC was influenced by the corporation’s aligned values and its reputation for excellence in design and construction.

A Closer Look at Advanced Building Corporation

ABC has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, with a diverse project portfolio that spans industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors. What sets ABC apart is their comprehensive approach to building projects. From pre-construction planning and design to post-construction services, ABC is dedicated to aligning every aspect of construction with the River Food Pantry’s overarching goals for community upliftment.

The Importance of Owner Involvement

Typically, when ABC takes on a project, one of the company’s owners becomes actively involved. For the River Food Pantry, this owner-involvement means a hands-on approach that will ensure every facet of the facility’s construction aligns seamlessly with their mission and values.

An In-Depth View of the New Facility

The forthcoming 25,000 square foot building, designed to serve communities in South Central Wisconsin, will have features like climate controlled areas for perishable food storage and strategically designed shelving systems. This means that the pantry will be able to offer an even more diverse food basket, including fresh produce, dairy products, and other perishable items, thus improving the nutritional intake of beneficiary families.

The Role of On-Site Superintendents

Given the rising tide of food insecurity, especially exacerbated by recent economic challenges, the role of an on-site superintendent from ABC cannot be overstated. These experts will closely oversee every stage of the construction process, ensuring that it not only stays on track but also meets the high standards set by both organizations.

A Unifying Vision for Community Development

This planned expansion is not just about bricks and mortar; it symbolizes the community’s collective resolve to battle hunger and social inequalities. The partnership between River Food Pantry and ABC exemplifies what can be achieved when business objectives and social imperatives align, setting a precedent for other community-focused endeavors in South Central Wisconsin.


The River Food Pantry, in collaboration with Advanced Building Corporation, is on a mission to extend its community reach and service portfolio. The construction of the new 25,000 square foot facility in South Central Wisconsin will set a new standard for how food pantries can become comprehensive community hubs, providing not just food, but a range of services that address various facets of social inequity.

Advanced Building Corporation

Advanced Building Corporation has experience in custom design and construction in South Central Wisconsin. We specialize in a range of projects including industrial, institutional, retail, and warehousing. With an that approach takes you from pre-construction planning to occupancy, we will ensure that you realize your dreams and goals-on time and on budget. Our expert team provides exceptional service at every stage of your project. We are not just builders. We are also consultants who guide our activities to align with your business objectives. We perform tasks like demolition and steel erecting ourselves to ensure quality control. You’re invited to explore our portfolio and client testimonials. For more information about our company, visit our website or reach out to a member of our team at 608-218-5649.